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Explore the essence of our gastronomy, in our area there are the biggest agricutural producers

Fantastic nature reserves and fabolous stretches of ancient trees in front of the sea

Here you can find many types of weekend packages. There is once for every type of traveller. Wish you will like it 😉

About us

The territory of Puglia (or Apulia in English), the easternmost region in Italy, is a long, narrow peninsula, bordered by two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic, with the longest coastline in the Italian peninsula.

It is the least mountainous Italian region, mostly occupied by plains and hills, apart from some lower mountains of the Southern Apennine chain and the Gargano promontory, with high, steep cliffs. Half of its territory being flat, and occupied by a wide plain, called Tavoliere delle Puglie, the second largest in Italy, and some smaller plains as Terra di Bari and Pianura Salentina.

It is a land where ancient peoples left their traces in innumerable monuments interspersed throughout the territory, a land of rich culinary traditions, where biological agriculture is a growing, popular activity. The sea – and often two seas – is everywhere within easy reach, being the region so elongated.

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In quel di puglia

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